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It is the desire of the lighting division at Grass Tenders, LLC to design and install a lighting system that will enhance qualities and theme of their home and landscape. Lighting systems have many benefits for the customer beauty and enjoyment to your property. We use low voltage lighting systems that have UN matched lighting performance while giving the consumer maximum efficiency for the power used. The system transformers are constructed of stainless steel and carry a lifetime warranty. There are a wide variety of fixtures that will meet the demands of any consumer preference. They range from ABS material up to solid brass, which also carry a lifetime warranty. To ensure system satisfaction after the point of sale we offer maintenance agreements to follow the system installation. This service includes changing bulbs, cleaning fixtures, trimming around fixtures, making any adjustments to light positions as well as changing the settings on the transformers to keep lights on as seasons change. Grass Tenders, LLC offers free consultation and a demo for you to see exactly how much an outdoor lighting systems can enhance your property.




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