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Professional Services



At Grass Tenders, we understand that a successful landscape starts with a planned layout and design.  We work with landscape designers who have an extensive plant based knowledge and specialize in cohesive design.  Our designers have many years of experience and are also up to date with the latest landscaping trends.  The design process begins with a visit to your home or business, where exact measurements will be taken of the property and a survey of the environmental factors such as light and drainage conditions are assessed.  This information is then used to help turn your dreams into reality, creating a plan that fits your needs and your budget.  Contact us today for help with your landscape design needs.

Landscape Management


Grass Tenders has a complete lawn management division. The extensive service is offered to both commercial and residential clients.  Each management program is specifically tailored to fit the customer's need.  Each visit includes an assessment of the irrigation system, turf, and plant health, in addition to all mowing and trimming required by the property. Our lawn management programs are scheduled to ensure consistency and that maximum quality and service is accomplished.

Landscape Installation


Landscape installation projects at Grass Tenders are designed to fit any budget.  The designs are customized to fit each project.  We offer unique plant materials that accent the attributes of the house and property.  The designs also can incorporate items such as water features, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fireplaces.  After the design is complete, the installation begins. Our horticulturist ensures that all of the proper steps are taken to accomplish the highest quality landscapes.  We cover everything from installing annuals and perennials to entire landscape renovation and construction. All of the latest industry standards and recommendations are applied to each project.


Garden Hose Sprinkler

In our region, irrigation is becoming a necessity to maintain healthy landscapes.  At Grass Tenders, we not only install new irrigation systems but also renovate and repair existing systems.  We also know that water conservation is important so we employ the latest technology available to conserve water and help save you money. Whether you are thinking of installing a new system or want to find out how to save water and money with an existing system, contact us today to find out how.


Pest Control

Grass Tenders offers custom fertilization programs for all types of turf and grasses, including Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue and Centipede. Fertilizing programs are offered in either granular form or liquid form. Each program is specific to each turf grass's seasonal needs to transform your lawn into a healthy and prospering lawn for enjoyment year around.  We offer a full line of plant and tree fertilization that will not only keep your turf in the best health, but the rest of your plants and trees as well.


Weed Control

At Grass Tenders, we aim to install lighting systems that enhance the qualities and design of the landscape and the home or business. We use low voltage lighting systems that have unmatched lighting performance while giving the consumer maximum efficiency for the power used. The system transformers are constructed of stainless steel and carry a lifetime warranty. There are a wide variety of fixtures that can meet the demands of any consumer preference ranging from ABS material up to solid brass. To ensure satisfaction after the point of sale, we offer maintenance agreements to follow the system installation. This service includes changing bulbs, maintaining fixtures, making adjustments to lighting positions, and changing the settings on the transformers as seasons change. Grass Tenders offers a free consultation and demo for you to see exactly how much an outdoor lighting system can enhance your property.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now for your free estimate.

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